Festes de Gracia recomended by Itaca Hostel Barcelona

Festes de Gracia recomended by Itaca Hostel Barcelona

Gracia festival . All day festival from the 15th to the 21st August

Itaca Hostel barcelona recommends you on of the best festivals in Barcelona.

The Gracia Festival is considered by many, and also for all the Itaca hostel Staff, to be Barcelona’s best, nicest, most festive and most welcoming street festival. The Gracia neighbourhood is located 20 minutes on foot north west of the city centre of Barcelona in the direction of the hills to the west of Barcelona.

IMPORTANT message for visitors: Please note that this is fundamentally a festival for neighbours and residents, but the residents of Gracia are kind enough to welcome visitors. In return, they ask that you respect the neighbourhood and the decorations and be careful not to create noisy disturbances after 1pm at night.

The Gracia festival is a very colourful local street festival that fills many streets and plazas in the Gracia area of Barcelona. Gracia was once a separate village from the city of Barcelona and only in 1897 was it fully incorporated into the city. Gracia still has the narrow village streets and a village feel which gives is a special atmosphere. Every year there is a public contest to design a new festive Gracia festival poster.

As always we would like to say a big thank you to the wonderful residents of the Gracia neighbourhood of Barcelona for giving up some much of their spare time and holidays in August to make the Gracia Festival such a wonderful experience for all visitors and Barcelona residents.

You can buy the full Festa de Gracia programme at the festival which has all the info and maps at the festival venues for €1.

The illuminations on most streets are switched on at around 8.30 pm and the decorations look nicer when they are illuminated. The first two days of the Gracia festival are always very crowded, so have patience and please be careful with the street decorations which are handmade and often fragile.

Smartphone Apps for Gracia Festival

The Festa de Gracia festival has smart phone apps for Android and Iphone. Download them here:

Iphone App Festa de Gracia
Pictures Festa Major de Gràcia

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