“ La Merçé Festival “ Barcelona’s big celebration recomended by Itaca Hostel

“ La Merçé Festival “ Barcelona’s big celebration recomended by Itaca Hostel

If you are in Itaca Hostel from the 22nd to the 25th September you’ll be able to enjoy the best celebration in Barcelona with so many all day events around the city

Itaca Hostel loves this festival, it happens all around the city and specially in the gothic quarter right by Itaca Hostel so you can easily go in and out from the festival

This year’s La Mercè celebrations are the shortest and most concentrated in recent years, but they won’t be any less interesting, intense and fun. You’ll thrill with La Mercè essentials such as the ‘correfoc’ (fire run), ‘castells’ (human towers), circus acts on Montjuïc and concerts in the BAM festival. And there are also new spaces this year such as Fabra i Coats and the Parc de la Trinitat, bringing Barcelona’s festival to more neighbourhoods throughout the city.

The staff from Itaca Hostel will inform you from all you need to know to get the most from Barcelona’s Festa Major, from September 22 to 25.

Begins on Thurday the 22nd, when Itaca Hostel offers a free Sangria at the bar-reception at 10 pm and after that you can all get together to explore the music and festivals Barcelona offers.

Don’t miss the opportunity of seeing the CASTELLERS “human tours” a very traditional catalan celebration or the Fireworks in the Mountjuc neighbourhood or the  CORREFOCS (fire run) that happens along the roads in the gothic quarter next to Itaca Hostel and concerts at night like:

Love of lesbian by the beach, or Manu Chao in the Forum ,or  Kiko Veneno just at the Cathedral square!!! (this one you’ll be able to hear from the hostel!!) or manyothers…


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