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The offer is wide, but the time and budget, limited. To help discern what the most interesting concerts of the month, we have wanted to choose seven meet minimal variety. Old musicians cult rescued from oblivion, new projects avantgarde icons, emblems punk … At the end of each one involved inclinations, but hopefully anxious listeners find here a selection satisfactory.


The [2] de Apolo. 6.10

His energetic cocktail of soul, garage, psychedelia and punk, their aim creating tunes irresistible, and titles such as “Land of the Freak” and “I Wanna Be A Girl” remind us that the passion and fun inherent in the best rock ‘n’roll.

Diamanda Galas

TNC. 11/10

Among the activities of the Red Bull Music Academy Weekend highlights of Diamanda Galás. The revered American composer present Death Will Come and Will Have Your Eyes. A show that promises to be as fascinating as oppressive.


Apolo. 13/10

This is soulman live their golden age from the sixties. Walk their bravado and their movements impossible scenarios by legs like a teenager aspiring to be the new James Brown.


BeGood. 15 16.10

The highlight of next year’s round is, without doubt, the double concert offered The Ex. Punk (in the sense of the term multifaceted and freer) that binds thirty-five years together, but still retains the intelligence and nerve its inception.


Razzmatazz 3. 25/10

The same week of 1968 Van Morrison published his masterpiece Astral Weeks, Scott Fagan also delivery South Atlantic Blues, a great job he did not make a fortune trading. Almost fifty years later, we have the opportunity to hear his story and enjoy their songs.

BELDA & Sanjosex ‘sing’

CAT Tradicionàrius. 27/10

The collision between tradition and modernity emerges a cycle of dating outstanding connections, the proposed Singer, (Carles Carles Belda and Sanjosé behind) stage version of the project of the same name that is crawling oral folk tunes in the surrounding region.


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