The 10 most authentic places for live music performances in Barcelona

The 10 most authentic places for live music performances in Barcelona! And only 5 minutes away from Itaca Hostel…

In Itaca we love music, we want you to enjoy it as we would and be able to party in the places that we do: the most unique and alternative places for enjoying live music in the city.

These are some of the places we recommend for you to go, most of them in the city centre 5 minutes away from our hostel, others in very beautiful neighbourhoods near by:


Gipsy Lou: (Carrer de Ferlandina 55)

Free concerts every day at 22.00h.

Find the weekly programming in their facebook site.

It is closed in summer until mid-September.


Marula: (Carrer Escudellers)

Jam Session (free) every Wednesday and Sunday from 23.30h till 01.30h

Weekly concert programming (paid for and for free)


Bodega Salto (Poble Sec, Blai St)

They have live performances every week in their pecculiar tabern, for free.

You can find the programming in their site.


Maqui Navaja: (Carrer Carretes)

For free.  Bad ass tabern with a big ‘Raval’ personality.

Tuesdays at 21h: Jazz

Thursdays at 21h: Flamenco

Saturdays at 13h: Vermut-rock


Guzzo (Plaça Comercial, 10)

They organize a jamm every Tuesday at 22h.

The also organize every once in a while concerts in their club, you can check out the weekly program in their facebook site.


Big bang Bar (Carrer Botella 7)

From Wednesday to Sunday at 21h they put up several musical events for free.

Wednesdays: A different concert every week.

Thursdays: Open Mic night. You can sign up, and get up the stage and rock it!

Friday and Saturday: Jazz

Sunday: Open Mic.


Bar Pastis (Carrer de Santa Mònica, 4)

It’s a typical bar in the city, very well known…

Concerts every day at 22.30h

One drink is the minimum consumption.

In their site you will find the monthly program.


Jazz Si club (Carrer de Requesens, 2)

A good quality time for sure..

This place is part of the music school “El Taller de Musics” (The musicians workshop)

Events are not for free.

You can find their agenda and prices in their website.



Jamboree (Plaça reial)

Apart from the daily concert, they have a Jazz jamm session on Mondays.

This is a very popular club and it’s usualy packed.


Out of the city center there are many cool places like:

Sonora de Gracia ( Gracia), Carrer de la Riera de Sant Miquel, 59

Tuesdays they organize a jamm, and you can join in!

Their programming is varied and you can check it out here:


Kottons Club (sants) , Carrer Rossend Arús, 9

Very spacious ‘neighbourhood’ bar with great craft beer.

You will be the only tourist for sure.

They organice diverse music events and theater plays.

You can find the program and prices here:


Ask us when you come and we can reccomend many more!!!

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