New concerts in Barcelona recommended by Itaca Hostel

New concerts in Barcelona recommended by Itaca Hostel

New concerts in Barcelona recommended by Itaca Hostel. These months we have before Christmas are usually among the most favorable year for concerts attic. The fever has passed and summer festivals are eager to turn the musicians room to room, from city to city. Here we compile the concerts we paint sweet tooth. Alert, we have not included in this collection activities within festivals like the Red Bull Music Weekend, Primavera Club, or MIRA, but we must not pass over them to allow us to enjoy artists like Diamanda Gala Floating Points Whitney, Seth Bogart, Mild High Club, Tim Hecker or Alessandro curtains.

New concerts in Barcelona recommended by Itaca Hostel

Konono No. 1 meets Batido
Ant. Estrella Damm brewery. 9.25. Free.

Most Western audiences discovered Konono following the publication in 2005 of Congotronics, one of the jobs that have an impact on African music has been done later in the northern hemisphere. This spring they released a new album result of joining forces with Batida, Pedro Coquenao project. The Barcelona presented within the BAM during Mercedes.

BeGood. 15 and 16/10. 12 euros in advance.

Interestingly, one of the European bands that keep tuning proposals as Konono # 1 visited the city a few weeks later. The Dutch are a true institution of underground rock -capaços fit seamlessly into an art center or a home okupa- poly-rhythmic structure and a blender unstoppable live. Who wants to dance revolution, which are closer.

Palau de la Música. 11/11. From 15 euros.

A legend comes to Palau. Legrand, known for his work as a composer for movies and still in shape to 84, will offer a recital in front of his trio. In his catalog of iconic soundtracks are certainly spoiled for choice, Umbrellas of Cherbourg Summer of 42, through the case of Thomas Crown, among many others.

Sant Jordi Club. 20/11. 45 euros in advance.

Which was one of the most iconic alternative rock of the late eighties has been turned on its second life to s. XXI, a big band and leading macrofestival enclosures. Things industry nostalgia. In any case, despite his recent works are not at the height of his legend, go to a concert sound “Debaser,” “Vamos” and “Allison”, among many other hits, can not be bad idea no way.
Kevin Morby
The two Apollo. 22/11. 15 euros in advance.
On a large area to a small room. The American comes up to the city to present Singing Saw third album in four years to an author who, without renouncing the legacy of totems as Dylan and The Band, was setting a very compelling own ways. Further evidence that the warmth of music need not be equivalent to something harmless or overly accommodating.

Palau Sant Jordi. 26/11. Entries are only 50.50 euros.

We know that when Robert Smith and his rise on a scenario does not do it for a little while. Thus the concert, registered in the tour ‘The Cure 2016’, review the great achievements that have occurred over a 37-year career, mixing them with peculiarities of their discography and songs so far unpublished. As an opening act, the appreciable Scottish band The Twilight Sad.

The two Apollo. 26/11. 18 euros.

Many of we discovered in the first part of Kill Bill (2003), Japan at that party that ends like the rosary of the aurora. But since then carried over a decade giving war with his garage rock n’roll ballaruc summarizing the playful 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s banda- hence the name, which agrees with Hasil Adkins, The Sonics, Dick Dale, The Fleshtones or Headcoatees Thee and any draft Billy Childish. Now turning to Europe to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

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